Residential Building “Vier Jahreszeiten”, Chur

Building contractor

Bürgergemeinde Chur


We wanted to create a large garden bordered by a cloister that would allow residents to spend time outdoors in almost any weather. Trees and plants in the garden bloom at different times of the year, depending on the species. Thus, each resident of the 96 apartments has a beautiful garden to share and use. In order to support the desired growth of climbing plants on the walls, the surfaces of the buildings were finished in rough, gray concrete and profiled with trellises. Consequently, the gray concrete will be covered with a rich layer of plants and multicolored flowers from year to year. In addition, the inhabitants of the residential building can also enjoy the evening sun on a private loggia which is placed in the front of the living space. The long residential building with it’s garden forms the edge of the urban extension in the Rhine-Quarter and acts as an antithesis to the urban vision from the 1960s. With the smaller-scale and, above all, wall-framed garden, the appropriation of the residents seems to have succeeded right away.