Norman Foster Solar Award

The new residential building of Brunner-Bapst in Waltensburg/Vuorz receives the popular Solar Prize and sets a new world record! Media release

Completion multi-purpose building Fläsch

During the village festival and just in time for the school start, the new renovated sports hall and the extension of foyer, community hall and kindergarten in Fläsch were inaugurated. media release


Building culture canton of grisons 1950 – 2000

"52 best buildings" is the most recent campaign of the Graubünden Heimatschutz. For one year they bring Graubünden's building culture of the recent and most recent past closer and open our eyes to a heritage that is worth preserving. Bearth & Deplazes Architekten is represented with the tower house in Sevgein and with the school and multipurpose building in Tschlin. Link Sevgein           Link Tschlin


Camera Obscura Bernina Pass

Visit the new darkroom on the bernina pass.

3.10.2019 – 13.01.2020

Be­arth & De­pla­zes Ar­chi­tek­ten AG presents the architecture model "House on six pillars, Scha­an".

Lisbon Triennal